Application Basics

It takes a couple of applications to learn the best way to apply mineral powder for each skin type. The Mineral Products should be used very sparingly. Please note that they are extremely intense so you only require a small amount of product.

1. Start with clean dry skin (allow moisturizer to completely absorb).

Note: Before first use, leaving the sifter and sifter label in place ­ puncture just a few selected holes on the seal to control volume.

2. With lid on jar – gently tap a small amount of powder into the lid.

3. Using a Kabuki Buffer brush (well domed shape brush with tight bristles),
swirl the brush around the lid until the crushed minerals are completely infused into the bristles. Tap brush on the side of the lid to remove any excess (Apply with choice of brush for light to medium coverage. Apply with Flocked Sponge for heavier or spot coverage).

4. Starting at the outside of your face (along the jaw line) lightly apply the foundation, working inward. Reapply (starting with step 2) until you achieve the look and amount of coverage desired.

Do not over apply.

It takes a few seconds for the Minerals to warm up to your skin. You will achieve a more natural, flawless finish if you build up several light layers. Try several different application techniques to decide which works best for you.