Brushes: Kabuki Buffers

Buff on fine layers of Mineral Powders for perfect, ultra sheer coverage. Great for applying loose Mineral Rice Setting Powders or Enhancers. This brush is so soft (yet full bodied) making it excellent for sensitive skin. Made with a special mix of high-grade goat hair and Squirrel.

Luxurious Kabuki$18.00

Our fullest, fattest kabuki! The large silky head will cover large areas for quick results. Made with a high Grade Goat Hair.

Ultimate Buffer$19.00

Additional Kabuki Brushes below (as seen in our brown faux synthetic line)

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brown faux ● large buki 100% Synthetic

brown faux ● large buki$20.00

brown faux ● small buki 100% Synthetic

brown faux ● small buki$16.00

brown faux ● large buki $20.00